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My beloved PHP Framework Codeigniter has changed from 1.* to 2.* version

18 Jun

Some changes in CI 2.0.2:

  • General changes
    • The Security library was moved to the core and is now loaded automatically. Please remove your loading calls.
    • The CI_SHA class is now deprecated. All supported versions of PHP provide a sha1() function.
    • constants.php will now be loaded from the environment folder if available.
    • Added language key error logging
    • Made Environment Support optional. Comment out or delete the constant to stop environment checks.
    • Added Environment Support for Hooks.
    • Added CI_ Prefix to the Cache driver. Continue reading

Php first touch

17 Jun

The first time i was thinking is how to print the output php code in web browser?.

After googling, i finally found the answer how to do it. It’s simple code.


echo 'I am the php output.';


Here the php manual site.